Welcome to the Bramhall and Wythenshawe Methodist Circuit 

Growing God's kingdom through South Manchester and North Cheshire

Bramhall and Wythenshawe Methodist Circuit
Vision and priorities 2021 - 2022

Growing God’s kingdom in South Manchester and North Cheshire

Bramhall & Wythenshawe Methodist Circuit is a group of 12 churches, with a common purpose of serving God in our local communities and nurturing disciples of Jesus Christ. We want each of our church communities to have the resources needed to be effective and passionate in their local ministry. We are stronger and more effective in serving God when we do it together.

We will seek the Holy Spirit at work in our communities, guiding our ministries, challenging our priorities and equipping us for God’s work. We will support one another by seeking to serve God as effectively as we can. We will do this by:

  • Focussing on worship: Enabling people to worship God in rich and diverse
  • Focussing on learning: Equipping followers of Jesus to serve God in their
    daily lives
  • Focussing on caring: Having compassion for all God’s people
  • Focussing on serving: Taking action for those in need and challenging
  • Focussing on growing: Sharing God’s love and making new disciples across
    our communities

As a result of this, we will become a disciple-making, disciple-equipping, disciple nurturing
movement, shaped for mission.

Please click here to see our circuit objectives.